Dec 15

Introducing Canadian Photography Institute

National Gallery of Canada, located in Ottawa, is all set to play host to a “centre of excellence” dedicated to photography cryptocurrency trading software, announced the gallery officials this morning. This initiative involves a collaboration with Thomson Reuters Corp. chair, who is also a renowned art collector David Thomson. He would serve build the institute’s accumulation by extending a series of donations as well as acquisitions over the coming ten years, said the gallery.

The new enterprise is backed by what gallery called its biggest ever corporate donation — around $10 million gift from Scotiabank. The Grand Hall of the gallery has been renamed as Scotiabank Grand Hall for the following fifteen 15 years. The first major public photography exhibit of the institute would take place next year in crypto trading app May, and it would be drawn from The Globe and Mail news archives, announced the gallery.

Marc Mayer, the director and chief executive officer of the gallery stated that Canadian Photography Institute will let the gallery to take its place among the most comprehensive, very deepest as well as broadly useful public collections of photographs in the world, especially now there is an extra investment from Greece bareboat charter.

As a part of the creation of the institute, the national gallery would devote a space primarily to the photo exhibition. Their collection of snapshots would be digitized that Mayey stated would serve other museums throughout the nation. The own website how to trade bitcoin of the institute describes it as a world-class, multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to the evolution, history and the future of photography.

Jun 15

Apple exhibits iPhone photography from across the world

The photographs from photographers from throughout the world – both professional and amateur – made the cut as Apple looked for the Internet for grand imagery. Canada’s The Globe and Mail’s Vancouver-based photojournalist John Lehmann I quite used to seeing all his work on a greater scale. He was still very much excited when Apple reached out to him for all the permission to get a snapshot of a wild horse with his iPhone 6 Plus in the new campaign called ‘Shot on iPhone 6.’

Lehmann said that as an artist, any time one’s work would be recognized by yet another institution or organization, it is a real honor. And to be recognized by a global and innovative company such as Apple, yeah, it is a real thrill.

Apple saw that Lehmann’s snapshot on Instagram. The brand has been flushing the Internet in very recent months, poring through 10s of thousands of snaps, to see a few dozen non-commissioned photos to feature in their “Shot on iPhone 6″-themed event that launched only this week. Continue reading →

May 15


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May 15

The Sims 3 Building – Aluna Headlands Art Gallery – Aluna Island

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Apr 15

Oasis awards again set to celebrate wildlife photography

The Oasis wildlife photography awards organizers are inviting web users to vote for Web Award winner from among the finalists of the competition. The World Best Photography award in 2014 was handed to Mateusz Piesiak, Polish photographer, for his snapshot of a flock of seagulls flying over a pond with egrets.

The competition saw over twenty five snaps submitted from fifty six countries across the world, including Sri Lanka, Russia, New Zealand and Iran. That picture and few of the other winners could be seen on the internet. Well, the jury was made up of some of the top wildlife photographers in Europe: Valter Bernardeschi (Italy), Simone Sbaraglia (Italy), Cristobal Serrano (Spain), Franco Banfi (Switzerland), Gabriela Staebler (Germany) and Maurizio Tentarelli from Oasis magazine. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar

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Mar 15

Agricultural Sciences junior makes it to White House Photography Office

College of Agricultural Sciences junior Rachel Robbins has doubled up her interests in history, government and photography into White House last semester experience which is more than rare. The development, environment and community major passed the fall last year by hanging out with the pooches of the president, documenting unpublished snapshots of the Obama administration as well as rubbing shoulders with staff and politicians of White House.

Still it was more to come for Robbins’ success stories. Previous year, she applied for Penn State’s Washington Program, an undergraduate scope given via College of Communications. The initiative chose a little number of juniors as well as seniors to pass a semester in the capital of the United States.

When there, they have the scope to take classes taken by the faculty of the Penn State and are encouraged to get an internship program in Washington DC which corresponds to their career targets. For Rachel Robbins, being selected in the Washington Program was really a dream come true.

The lady from Pittsburgh said that she love Washington, D.C., and have always wanted to live there. Even if she did not score a great internship, she knew just being in the epicenter of their country’s political scene would be a great experience. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Digital Builds – Art Gallery in SketchUp 8

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Feb 15

The opening of the Arame Art Gallery “Sensual Revelations” exposition

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