Apple exhibits iPhone photography from across the world

The photographs from photographers from throughout the world – both professional and amateur – made the cut as Apple looked for the Internet for grand imagery. Canada’s The Globe and Mail’s Vancouver-based photojournalist John Lehmann I quite used to seeing all his work on a greater scale. He was still very much excited when Apple reached out to him for all the permission to get a snapshot of a wild horse with his iPhone 6 Plus in the new campaign called ‘Shot on iPhone 6.’

Lehmann said that as an artist, any time one’s work would be recognized by yet another institution or organization, it is a real honor. And to be recognized by a global and innovative company such as Apple, yeah, it is a real thrill.

Apple saw that Lehmann’s snapshot on Instagram. The brand has been flushing the Internet in very recent months, poring through 10s of thousands of snaps, to see a few dozen non-commissioned photos to feature in their “Shot on iPhone 6″-themed event that launched only this week.

The fifty-seven snaps clicked by people from all across the world, ranging from pro to amateur photographers are now being exhibited in an Apple world photo gallery as well as featured in a worldwide outdoor as well as print campaign which would see work showcased on Apple’s billboard space at bus stops as well as train and subway stations in San Francisco, New York City, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney as well as several other cities. The photographs would also be used in print advertisements.

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