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Aug 16

Instagrammers becoming pro, reports

For the average users of Instagram, posting a snap of their latte art or their dessert at the classy restaurant in the city means getting a few Likes from your Facebook friends.

Now, there is a brand new group of Instagram users who are getting paid for those snaps. The restaurant industry has called for on the trend as well as some places are described to pay up to US$ 350 each snap if a user has a significant number of followers.
Recently, Sophia Hollander wrote a piece about Instagrammers who are turning pro like this. She said that this is not very much different from hiring a food photographer to come in and take pictures of your food. But it gets into kind of a funky area because they are not pitching themselves as food photographers, and they are not pitching themselves as restaurant promoters.
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Jul 12

In Living Color – Environment Guy “Art Gallery” [HD]

Artwork Gallery Movie Score: four / five

Oct 11

Living the Art at Baker Street Art Gallery

Artwork Gallery Movie Score: 5 / 5